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Ankle Foot Orthoses Helps Disabled Youngster Play Sports

David Loo’s health and mobility thrive on a well-fitted piece of plastic that looks like a boot, but is actually an ankle foot orthotic. The 13-year-old was born with hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that severely weakened the right side of his body. Without the plastic support David’s right foot and ankle turn inward, causing him to walk with pain on the side of his foot. His special orthopedic boot holds David’s foot and ankle in place so he can freely participate in sports. David like all children must have new footwear every nine months, since his feet are growing.   

David Loo shows that foot and ankle orthotics can allow anyone to regain full mobility. Her condition did not force her to sideline herself for the games, and now she proves that foot conditions and foot injuries are something that can be overcome. If you have a need for ankle-foot orthotics, it is highly recommended to seek the care of a podiatrist, like Dr. Charles Chapel of Chapel Podiatry. Dr. Chapel can work with you on treatment options for your foot conditions that might require the use of ankle-foot orthotics.

Ankle Foot Orthotics and What They Do

Usually used for the foot or ankle, orthotics provide support for weakened limbs or help direct the limbs so they may function properly. These orthotics can help strengthen muscles as well as benefitting muscles that need to be loosened or lengthened. Usually the orthoses is designed in a rigid L shape that is contoured to the calf and flesh colored in order to blend with the patient’s appearance.

When are Orthotics Necessary?

Orthotics are prescribed when someone is diagnosed with diseases that affect the musculature such as polio and multiple sclerosis. However, ailments such as arthritis and stroke, or foot conditions that “toe in”, may also require orthotics.

As opposed to metal braces of previous years, modern orthotics have improved tremendously. Many of today’s orthotics are manufactured with lightweight plastics and other advanced materials to provide new levels of support and comfort.

If you have any questions, please contact our office located in Spring Hill, FL. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle injuries.

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