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Caring For Your Aging Feet

As we age, our feet go through more and more wear and tear every year. This can lead to pain, swelling, and irritation which could affect aging feetnormal daily tasks like walking or standing. While this natural process may seem unfortunate or make you feel uncomfortable, there are ways to care for your aging feet. Learn more with Dr. Charles Chapel at Chapel Podiatry in Brooksville, FL.

Caring For Your Feet 
Proper foot care begins with the shoes you wear. Be sure to wear supportive shoes with plenty of room in the toe box for your feet and toes to lie flat. Additionally, wear fresh, clean socks daily and ensure that your feet stay clean and dry. Foot care becomes even more important if you have poor circulation or diabetes. These conditions can cause nerve damage which results in numbed feet making it difficult to feel injuries or sores. In these cases, a simple rock in the shoe could have dire consequences as you may not feel the initial wound or the resulting infection.

How can my podiatrist help? 
Seeing your podiatrist for regular foot examinations will ensure the health of your feet. These appointments could also allow your podiatrist to spot and treat problems before they start, saving you time, discomfort and additional visits in the future. Additionally, your podiatrist can help you find the best treatment plan for you and your condition.

Foot Examinations in Brooksville
Especially important for patients who suffer from diabetes, foot exams help your doctor prevent issues with your feet and spot conditions early at their most treatable stages. Your physical exam will be simple and painless. Dr. Chapel will examine your feet, skin and toes to ensure there are no injuries or conditions like ingrown toenails or bunions. Then, he will check your circulation by measuring the pulses in your foot or using a specialized instrument. Also taken into account are your reflexes and reactions to different sensations to detect potential nerve damage.

For more information on managing your foot pain or properly caring for your feet, please contact Dr. Chapel at Chapel Podiatry in Brooksville, FL. Call (352) 684-1444 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chapel today!

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