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Gout on the Rise Due to Increase in Obesity

On the rise: The swollen foot of a patient with gout, also known as uric acid arthropathyGout is a condition where small crystals of uric acid begin to form in the joints and cause inflammation and pain.  Once known as the “Disease of Kings” as it affected monarchs including King Henry VIII, gout is now affecting more and more individuals with hospital admissions doubling in a decade in the U.K.  It is a type of arthritis and typically affects the big toe.

Experts on the illness blame excessive eating and drinking for the increase in those prone to obesity.  There are many risk factors for gout other than alcohol and foot consumption and those include:  high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Your feet are an important part of your body, and if you think you may have sustained a foot injury or developed a foot illness due to weight you should seek out the care of a podiatrist such as Dr. Charles Chapel of Chapel Podiatry.  Dr. Chapel can diagnose your injury as well as provide you with treatment options that work for you.

Obesity and your Feet

Since your feet are what support your entire weight when standing, any additional weight can result in pain and swelling.

Problems & Complications

Extra Weight – Even putting on just a few extra pounds could create serious complications for your feet.

Diabetes – People who are overweight are at serious risk of developing type-2 diabetes, which has an impact on your feet.

Plantar fasciitis – Pressure and stress that is placed on muscles, joints, and tendons can trigger this, which is an inflammation of tissue along the bottom of the foot. 


Footwear – Specially made footwear that supports your joints, arches, and ankles, and allows room for good circulation is a great option to mitigate pressure and pain.

Orthotics – These special inserts are inserted into shoes to absorb shock and also support your arches to keep your feet properly aligned.

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If you have any questions, please to contact our office in Spring Hill, FL. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle injuries.


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