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Groundpounder Faces Difficult Adjustments with Leg Pain in Marine Corps Marathon

The Groundpounders, Will Brown, Mel Williams, Matt Jaffe, Al RichmondMel Williams is a Groundpounder. It is a name given to members of an exclusive club of runners who have finished every edition of the Marine Corps Marathon. Williams had finished the Washington, D.C.’s Marine Corps Marathon 37 times, winning his age group on 18 occasions. He topped his aged group for three years at the Boston Marathon, according to Runner’s World.

But in June, at the age of 75, walking on the treadmill at three miles per hour caused him an enormous amount of pain that he had to stop. “I know what’s happening to my body,” he said. “The question is: how can I work around it? I realize it’s the aging process. I’m trying to understand it physiologically and I can’t,” said Williams. After another completing another marathon in October 2012, Williams finished in his slowest run to date, and then the following year; his legs continued to bother him. Williams was then suggested to undergo surgery on his calf.

Everyone should take care of their feet, but some foot problems require undergoing foot surgery. If you are suffering from a foot condition that may require foot or ankle surgery, consult a podiatrist like Dr. Charles Chapel of Chapel Podiatry. Dr. Chapel can help you with your foot and ankle needs.

 When Surgery is Necessary

Foot and ankle surgery are reserved in cases when less invasive procedures and treatments do not help with the problem.  Although surgery is generally considered to be a last resort, when undertaken it can provide a permanent pain relief than before and allows you to resume the activities your foot problem has prevented you from enjoying otherwise. This includes:

· Foot deformities (bunions, bone spurs)
· Painful nerves
· Congenital deformities
· Misaligned bones

The type of surgery you will undergo is dependent on the problem at hand. For painful bunions, you may undergo a bunionectomy. Surgical fusions can help realign bones while nerve removal can help get rid of painful nerves and the tissues that surround them.  With advancing, evolving technology and surgical techniques becoming more sophisticated, many procedures are now being performed with small incisions and more precise instruments, allowing for faster recovery times.

If you have any questions, please contact our office located in Spring Hill, FL. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle injuries.

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