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Keep Your Feet and Ankles Strong This Sandal Season

While summer footwear is easy to put on and keeps your feet cool, many styles aren't made to be worn for long periods of time. In fact they can actually cause major problems for your feet and ankles due to lack of stability. Here, your Brooksville, Florida podiatrist, Dr. Charles Chapel, offers some tips for beating the heat while caring for your feet and ankles as the temperature rises.Sandals

What not to wear (all the time)

Flip-flops with a lightweight foam footbed can be found everywhere, usually for bargain prices. While they're a great low-cost way to protect your feet on the beach or poolside, your Brooksville podiatrist cautions against wearing them as everyday footwear. Their flimsy structure offers almost no support for the ankles, arches, heels and balls of the feet, not to mention putting almost the entire foot at risk for accidental injuries. For the best foot and ankle care this summer, your Brooksville podiatrist asks patients to consider ditching the cheap flip-flops except for when you need to slip them on to walk across hot sand, pavement, or tile at the beach, pool or gym.

Better choices, better foot care

When choosing your summer footwear, podiatrists like Dr. Chapel in Brooksville suggest giving them the "fold" test: if the shoe bends in half easily, it's not likely to provide the stability you need for proper foot and ankle care. Look for sandals made of high-quality, durable rubber that have been carefully molded to replicate the contours of the foot. You should also make sure the straps fit comfortably without sliding as you walk or digging into your skin. They should fit snugly, but comfortably. Going to a reputable shoe store and consulting with a trained representative will help you make the best decision.

While the cost of higher-quality summer footwear is usually higher than low-end products, the amount of time and money you'll save on potential injuries and discomfort makes purchasing quality sandals a good investment. Contact Chapel Podiatry in Brooksville, Florida for further guidance in purchasing footwear this summer season. Our current patients can take advantage of our summer sandal sale. We can special order sandals to meet your podiatry needs. 

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