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What is neuroma? How do you treat it?

Do you have numbness, burning, tingling and pain at the third and fourth toes and ball of your foot? Do you feel as though you have a small stone in your shoe, but there's nothing there? Your Brooksville, FL podiatrist, Charles Chapel DPM. can get to the source of your Neuroma problem and help you deal with this very common podiatric condition.

Morton's Neuroma

The problem may be a neuroma - specifically, Morton's Neuroma - a benign growth associated with the metatarsal nerve that runs along the ball of the foot and between the third and fourth toes. Morton's Neuroma affects people of all ages, says the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. It strikes women particularly hard.

Morton's Neuroma has certain risk factors:

  • flat feet or feet with high arches
  • foot trauma leading to swelling of the metatarsal nerve
  • wearing of shoes which put a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot and the toes (high heels or narrow-toed shoes)
  • repetitive activities that exert pressure on the ball of the foot (such as tennis or basketball)

Diagnosis of Neuroma

Dr. Chapel diagnoses neuromas on the basis of x-rays or other imaging, such as ultrasound or MRI, medical history and the symptoms themselves. Sometimes symptoms can be reproduced right in the office.

Treatment of Neuroma

For conservative treatment, Dr. Chapel may suggest these interventions:

  • resting and icing the foot
  • custom orthotics or shoe inserts to take pressure off the forefoot
  • padding at the ball of the foot
  • dress shoes with no higher than a 2-inch heel
  • quality, thick-soled shoes for work and recreation

When these measures are insufficient, anti-inflammatory cortisone injections can reduce swelling and pain. Sometimes, surgery is required. During this in-office procedure, your Brooksville, FL foot doctor actually removes the neuroma and the associated nerve. While this surgery relieves symptoms, it may also leave a permanent area of numbness in the foot. Another option is cutting the connective tissue around the nerve, reducing the pressure on the front of the foot.

Chapel Podiatry in Brooksville, FL

Dr. Charles Chapel and his staff want each of their patients to have healthy, happy, pain-free feet and ankles. Dr. Chapel is widely experienced in treating podiatric conditions such as bunions, fungal nail infections, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes. Foot care for the diabetic is a priority at Chapel Podiatry as well.

If you suspect you have a neuroma or are bothered by any other conditions of the foot and ankle, call the office to set-up a consultation. Phone (352) 684-1444.

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