Choosing the Right Podiatrist in Brooksville and Spring Hill

When you experience intense pain, discomfort, or injury to your feet and lower legs, you will find professional medical care at Chapel Podiatry. Dr. Charles Chapel, your local podiatrist serving Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL, is here to help you with your various foot ailments and injuries.

How Can a Podiatrist Help Me?

An experienced podiatry professional can help you with a range of issues such as diabetic foot care, ankle fractures, ingrown toenails, and foot pain.

During your consultation at our offices in Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL, your podiatrist will examine your feet to diagnose or review the extent of your issue.  If you have infected ingrown toenails, our staff may prescribe antibiotic medication. If the infection gets worse, Dr.Chapel will perform a surgical procedure called partial nail plate avulsion. In this procedure, part of your ingrown toenail gets removed.

Chronic Pain Treatment

For patients with chronic pain, our staff can use laser therapy for issues such as post-surgical care or pain, ankle pain relief, heel pain known as plantar fasciitis, or inflammation reduction.

Diabetic Care

Podiatrists often see diabetic patients. Our staff regularly monitors diabetic patients' feet to check for infection or wounds. Due to diabetic neuropathy, the patient may not be aware of such bruises, cuts, or infections that can lead to amputation. Our staff wants as many diabetic patients to avoid foot and lower leg amputations as possible. 

Ankle Issues

Dr. Chapel will check for any inflammation, range of motion, fractures, disease, or injury when you come into our office with ankle pain.

Regardless of the foot or ankle issue, our staff will conduct a full evaluation and exam to determine and properly treat the problem.

Stop living with chronic ankle and foot pain. Come to Chapel Podiatry for comprehensive care of your lower extremities. Dr. Chapel, your trusted podiatrist in Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL, is here to help. Call (352) 684-1444 today.

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