Protect Your Feet this Football Season
By Chapel Podiatry
August 23, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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With football season under way it’s important that you keep your feet healthy to prevent injury.



It’s hard to think about your feet while in the heat of a game, but before you start playing football this season, it’s time you considered how you are going to care for your feet. After all, football can put a lot of stress on your feet due to sudden stops and sharp turns on uneven surfaces and even in inclement weather. From the office of our Brooksville, FL podiatrist, Dr. Charles Chapel, discover some of the best tips for protecting your feet during the season.


Maintain Good Hygiene

When you get in the shower do you actually scrub your feet or do you just let them soak up the water and call it a day? If it’s the latter then you aren’t getting your feet properly clean. You need to scrub your feet thoroughly with soap and water every day to remove bacteria, sweat and grim, particularly after a game. Good hygiene will help you avoid unpleasant issues such as fungal infections.


Ditch the Sweat

Don’t let sweaty feet just sit around in the same stinky shoes after the game. Swap out your socks and shoes as soon as the game is over. If you need to wear those same shoes the next day (which we hope you don’t!) it’s highly recommended that you apply a medicated foot powder in the shoes to kill the sweat and bacteria before putting your clean feet into them.


Choose the Right Socks

While the right shoes are also an important component to protecting your feet while playing football you may not realize that having the right socks can also prevent injuries. In fact, there are so many socks to choose from that you can easily opt for ones that are more breathable and can wick away moisture from the feet. There are even socks that can protect the metatarsals while also promising more shock absorption so your feet can stay in the game longer.


What About the Shoes?

Yes, the shoes you wear are also important. Opt for a specialty sports store that can help fit you with shoes that will work with your overall structure or any imbalances or conditions you might have. Always consider what kind of material the shoes are made from and what surface you’ll be playing on before purchasing athletic shoes. Not sure how to choose the right shoes to protect your feet? Then talk to our Brooksville foot doctor for some suggestions.


Football can be an exciting and sometimes brutal sport. By following these and other tips from our podiatrist in Brooksville, FL you can prevent sports-related foot injuries from happening to you. If you have questions about caring for your athletic feet, don’t hesitate to turn to Chapel Podiatry for care.