Spraining your Ankle Might Be more Difficult to Deal with than You Think

Ankle SprainsSpraining your ankle is not something that is enjoyable to endure. It takes time and effort to heal any ankle injury successfully and properly. According to recent statistics about 28,000 ankle injuries occur in the United States, most of them resulting from a sporting activity. Although many people believe initially ankle sprains are no big deal and can even heal themselves, studies have proven that leaving an ankle sprain unattended for more than a month can cause dangerous consequences.

When you first sprain your ankle, it is recommended that you take medication a day or so after your injury. “It’s best to wait 48 hours before taking an NSAID (ibuprofen,naproxen) because you want the normal inflammatory process to kick in and begin the healing process. Then you take the NSAID to keep the swelling from getting worse.” Don’t take an NSAID on an empty stomach and don’t exceed the dosing directions. said Dr. Thomas W. Kaminski, lead author of a recent news report regarding this issue.

An ankle sprain can cause you to miss important events. Ankle sprains should always be treated, no matter how minor it may seem. If you have sprained your ankle, seek the aid of a podiatrist like Dr. Charles Chapel of Chapel Podiatry to ensure the injury is properly evaluated and appropriate treatment options are given.

How Does an Ankle Sprain Happen?

This type of injury takes place when the ligaments are torn or stretched beyond their limits. There are multiple ways that the ankle can become injured; however, even the simple act of walking may cause a sprain. If footing is lost or you are walking on uneven terrain, ankle damage may occur.

What are the Symptoms?

· Mild to moderate bruising
· Swelling
· Discoloration of the skin, depending on severity

Is there a Way to Care for my Ankle at Home?

Self-care for ankle sprains includes propping the ankle up and keeping it elevated, applying ice packs as needed, and remaining off your feet. Some may also find that wrapping the ankle with an ACE bandage and taking over-the-counter pain relievers are helpful. One of the most important things is to avoid further stress to the affected area.

Preventing a Sprain

· Wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion
· Stretching before exercises and sports
· Knowing your limits can aid in prevention

Treatment of a Sprain

Treatment of a sprain depends on the severity.  Many times, people are told to rest and remain off their feet completely, while others are given an air cast, which will allow you to walk while stabilizing the ankle.  However, if the sprain is very severe, surgery may be required. 

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