Actor Tom Cruise Suffered Foot Injury on “Jack Reacher” Set

Description: Tom CruiseAccording to Tom Cruise suffered a nasty foot injury on the set of his new movie Jack Reacher. Cruise revealed that in one scene, he was required to kick another man in the groin, and was forced to repeat the action so many times; he ended up with a swollen foot. Cruise told late talk show host Jimmy Fallon he had to repeat it “over and over again.” “After about 50 times in, my foot was swelling…I kept having to loosen my shoe.”

A foot injury like cruise can cause swelling around the area, and make it difficult for someone to walk. Tentative foot care is an essential part of foot health and something that is recommended, even so; after suffering a foot injury. It is also a good idea to seek out the care of a podiatrist, like Dr. Charles Chapel of Chapel Podiatry, to aid you and care for any injuries or problems you might experience along the way.

Every Day Foot Care

Often, people take care of their bodies, face and hair more so than they do for their feet. But the feet are a very important aspect of our bodies, and one that we should pay more attention to. After all, without our feet, we would not be able to perform most daily tasks. It is best to check your feet regularly to make sure there are no new bruises or cuts that you may not have noticed before, for example.

For dry feet, moisturizer can easily be a remedy and can be applied as often as necessary to the affected areas. Wearing shoes that fit well can also help you maintain good foot health, as well as making it easier to walk and do daily activities without the stress or pain of ill-fitting shoes, high heels, or even flip flops.

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